I'm not going to start this blog off by saying that it's been a while, because I seem to be doing that too often with my blogs.
Agh. Shoot.

My Nanowrimo 2010 failed. I got further than I did in 2009, but I still didn't reach the winning line. Well, my beloved puppy-dog had to be put down and I never got to say goodbye to him. It really hit me hard. I loved my dog more than anything. He was the coolest dog and I'd been proud to have him as my own. I don't even want to get another dog, ever, because none will ever compare to how awesome he was. I also received somewhat... devastating news about someone very close to my heart, and it took the wind out of my sails and left me unable to write for a long time.

That aside, big things happening this year. I went on holiday overseas for a month, I got married, I moved house, oh, and I have baby number three due in a month.

Also, our motherboard bombed on me when I got back from holiday and I think I've lost all my fanfiction work. I can't find it anywhere. Which... is something I try not to think about a lot because I had over 30 fanfictions I was working on, each in different stages of writing, and I can't remember bully-beef about any of it. I guess it's partially a good thing, because I've been working on my originals more frequently without the distraction of fanfiction.

I do want to apologise to my readers. I do read your reviews, and I appreciate each and every one of them. I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to them personally as I used to. As you can imagine, I'm being kept quite busy with two little kids and another one due soon. I've only been able to find time to update this blog now - that says a lot about where my times goes.

I am keeping your reviews in my inbox, and once I can work out a routine in the next 5-6 months, you bet I'll be replying to them. Regardless if you'll have forgotten what your reviewed by then, I feel I owe it to you to at least say thanks for the R&R.

I'd also like to let you all know that I'm not abandoning any of my fanfictions. Yes, I've lost all my work, and it is going to be absolute hell trying to get cracking at them again, but they will be completed at some point or another. I tend to write fanfiction when I procrastinate with my originals, but considering how little time I have to write anything at all lately, I don't even have time to procrastinate anymore. But the fanfics will be finished. I never leave my work unfinished. It's just a matter of WHEN.


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