I need to start using this blog more often.

I'll save the small talk for last, because today I'll be blogging about November!
There are only 12 days left and I'm still as pumped about the upcoming challenge as I was at the beginning of October.

This year I'm well prepared for Nano. I'll be writing for the mature young adult (yeah, lemon, WHOOT!!) in the paranormal romance genre. Harry met Sally kind of premise, with the exception that Sally is not a Mary-Sue, and Harry isn't whom he appears to be. Or is he? O_o That's up for reader discretion, though. Rest assured, he is not some 'prince' of Far-Far Away disguised as average Joe. I'm more creative than that. 

Seeing as I've spent nearly over a year plotting and planning this novel, and haven't given up on the idea of writing it in all that time, I'll be submitting it to literary agencies once it's complete. If an idea sticks this long it means it's one of those stories you just have to tell - and sell!

Now, the people on the Nano forums are really a bunch of lovely individuals. I'm excited to know that there are so many writers in my city. People I can connect with, finally! Sadly, I'm not that excited in reality. I tried to attend the kick-off party last year, and my excitement kind of shot itself when I saw how many people were arranged around that table. I ran away. Well...not physically, but I did pretend to just be another customer having a coffee with my family. I don't know if it might have been my partner being there to 'back' me up that had me lose my nerve. I'm naturally very impulsive, that's why I'm with my partner. He balances out my insanity with his sanity.

Hummm. Yes, I do believe he was to blame for my chickening out. This might be my pride talking, though, you never know. Anyway, the forumers are planning another kick-off party over the last weekend of October. I think we'll be spending that time with the neighbours and the children, whatnot with Halloween and all.

That's all I have to say about Nano for now.
Here's the small talk I warned you about.
The wind is terrible today, and oh look, we've got some dark clouds taking away the little sunshine we do have! D:<

That is all.

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